MPN Support Groups in Canada

Canadian MPN Network

Main Toll-Free Number: 1-844-644-6766 (MPNN)


Cheryl Petruk, 780-940-6569

British Columbia
Vancouver Support Group:
Mark Williams

Edmonton Support Group
Cheryl Petruk

Southern Alberta MPN Network Support Group
(Includes Red Deer to the US Border)
Doug Chisholm

Get in touch with Alberta contact

Get in touch with Alberta or
Ontario contacts


MPN Ontario Group
John Clark

Kevin Brown

Joanne McKinley

Phil Arner

Marie Grenier-Davis

Atlantic Provinces
Cheryl Petruk

Canadian MPN Network Patient Advocacy

This is a support group primarily for those who have an MPN and live in Canada. It is a closed group (only members can view and make posts).  To join, type “Canadian MPN Network Patient Advocacy” in the Facebook search box. Once on the page, make a “Join” request via the button on the page.

MPNforum on Facebook

If you are a Facebook user, MPNforum has a private discussion site for MPN patients. To locate this group, type “MPNforum” in the Facebook search box screen and look for the area on the page that asks you to join.

MPN-NET Online Support Group

The MPN-NET online support group discusses clinical and non-clinical issues and advances pertaining to MPNs.  To subscribe to daily posts, go to, click the “MPN-NET an Online Support Group” button and follow the onscreen instructions.