PV Patients – Track Your Data

Novartis has put together a website (http://www.pv-tracker.com) to help PV patients track symptoms, blood counts and phlebotomies.  You can access this website through a web browser on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or home computer.

The data you enter is not saved on the internet (i.e. the ‘cloud’) but is saved on YOUR device through your web browser history. This is YOUR data and it will not be shared (unless you chose to share it – i.e. with your health care provider). Please go to the FAQs page on their website for further details.

Please note, in the blood tracking portion of this website, Hemoglobin is tracked in the standard measurements for US patients (g/dL). In Canada, hemoglobin is measured in g/L a reading 10x that of the US measurement (190 in Canada is the same as 19.0 in the US due to the units of measurement difference.)

Click HERE to access this website to track your results!