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Local Support Groups

Canadian MPN Network

What are They?

Through local groups around Canada, we support people who have been diagnosed with a Myeloproliferative Neoplasm (MPN), as well as their care partners, family members, and the medical professionals treating them.  We invite you to join one of our groups, to share experiences, journey together, and access factual, current information on research and treatments.  If you would like to know more, or to join a group, please contact the nearest one below.

Join a Support Group

We have various types of groups that you can join, or even start a support group. One kind of support group are the local Facebook support groups as shown below.

British Columbia

Northern Alberta

Southern Alberta

Atlantic Provinces

MPN Ontario

Ottawa Ontario

Barrie Ontario



We host a closed group on Facebook for those who have an MPN and live in Canada. It is a closed group (only members can view and make posts).  To join, click HERE and make a “Join” request via the button on the page.

Start a Support Group

You can attend all of these groups providing you abide by the rules set out by the Canadian MPN Network.

Follow our News & Events page for more information regarding these groups. Discussion can entails anything, it’s a chance to get to know that you’re not alone, there’s always some to help.

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Have Questions?

Have questions?
Contact Doug Chisholm or John Clark.